Leadership Can Be the Ailment or the Remedy

The actions of an organization
and its leaders define its ability to capture the power of DEI. Organizations need to STOP – hiding behind the “C-word” - Culture - and recognize that it is the behaviors of leaders that determine Culture. And even those leaders who are trying to fix the problem are often committing “organizational malpractice” by attempting to treat symptoms, not root cause. This can  leave the organization weaker than when the treatment started. Symptoms of “organizational malpractice” include seeing a lack of representation as a “supply issue,” hiring and performance criteria that are subjective and biased, and an unwillingness to hold leaders accountable for the equitable hiring, retention, and progression of their talent.

Ginny Clarke, Former Director, Executive Recruiting at Google and Holistic Leadership Strategist is a systems thinker who deconstructs processes and behaviors to carefully assess organizational and individual capability, inspires and uplifts groups by helping them scale mobility opportunities for all, and bring conscious awareness to both the workplace and life.

Ginny has developed and advocates that today’s organizations need Fifth Dimensional Leadership – self-awareness, truthfulness, self-love, consciousness, and mastery – to transcend “being authentic.”

Attend this webinar to discover the root causes that lead to a lack of diversity in organizations and learn solutions that anyone can use to support personal transformation and affect change in the workplace.

6/16/2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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